Common Questions

What is a CZ diamond?

Every piece of cubic zirconia found in jewelry is made synthetically as it doesn't naturally occur in a readily available and pure state. Its important to note that these diamonds are not created equally as their sourcing and manufacturing policies can range significantly resulting in significantly varied degrees of quality. Stones with poor manufacturing methods might end up appearing cloudy or showing noticeable flaws. When it comes to low grade colored cubic zirconia, the colors or tones can sometimes be uneven. This makes the clearest and most evenly colored stones particularly unique and valuable.

What should I consider before buying CZ jewelry?

When purchasing Cubic Zirconia, it's important to consider the CZ quality. It is categorized using a rating system with five levels: A, AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA. The finest CZ quality is 5A indicating excellent quality and scales down to 1A which represents the lowest. The 5A stones exhibit exceptional hardness and clarity, whereas A-rated stones are of lesser quality and will appear cloudy and softer. The majority of cubic zirconia jewelry available today falls within the AAA quality range. All of our products feature 5A cubic zirconia diamonds and crystals as part of our commitment to never compromise on quality.

How are CZ Diamonds cut?

Cubic Zirconia can undergo hand-cutting or machine-cutting processes. For the highest quality appearance, facets need to be meticulously and evenly cut. While the standard choice is the machine cut, cubic zirconia can also be fashioned into other styles like the trillion, princess, and radiant cuts. It's important to note that high-quality cubic zirconia is typically hand-cut rather than machine-cut. This is because machine-cutting can lead to stones looking unclear, having uneven polish, or featuring improperly arranged facets. All of our pieces are handmade in accordance with our quality guarantee and manufacturing principles. 

What is a CZ Carat?

A Cubic Zirconia with the same size as a diamond is roughly 1.7 times heavier than the diamond. When you see carat weight mentioned for cubic zirconia, it's actually a reference to how heavy a real diamond of the same size would be. This helps make it easy to compare cubic zirconia to diamonds. And sometimes, instead of talking about carat weight, cubic zirconia stones are described by their actual size.