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Esther carries the timeless allure of Persian beauty and her unique heritage. Named after the legendary Queen Esther of Persia, it embodies the grace, strength, and beauty she carried. This necklace, adorned with a magnificent crystal-embedded breastplate, offers you a piece of history, available in both radiant yellow and gold plating. Wearing Esther will not only connect you to her legacy but will infuse your spirit with the energy of Persia's most legendary queen.


In 475 BCE, Xerxes I of Persia began searching for a new queen after his previous queen had been banished. To find his new wife, a legendary beauty contest was organized. Persia ruled over most of the known world at the time and young women from the four corners of the kingdom gathered and prepared for an entire year with beauty treatments to be presented to the king. Among these women was a Jewish orphan named Esther.

Esther denied any beautification rituals or preparation attempts to meet Xerxes as she was uninterested in becoming queen. However despite her best efforts, she could not hide her exceptional beauty and when her turn came to meet the king he was captivated by her out of all the women in the kingdom. Esther was chosen as the new queen of Persia. 

Despite her stunning appearance, the story of Queen Esther goes beyond her beauty. Through her wisdom and unshakeable faith she influenced major decisions in Persia and deeply affected positive developments in the country, including using her influence to prevent the genocide of her people propagated by the nations most powerful elites.