Forbidden Fruit

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Forbidden Fruit is a fusion of a choker and necklace that embodies irresistibility and chastity. Beyond jewelry, it embodies the wearer as a tantalizing yet untouched and enigmatic figure defying norms. Adorning the Forbidden Fruit envelops you in intrigue and temptation, a symbol of your charming aura. Like the title, it sparks intrigue, leaving your peers to savor your essence while not being able to help yearning for more.

This necklace is for those who embrace their complexity and mystique, and is not designed for the faint of heart. It merges choker and necklace into a captivating masterpiece, a reminder that certain treasures thrive in secrecy. With the Forbidden Fruit, revel in being both forbidden and irresistible—a modern-day Eve with undeniable charm.


The power of desire is a flame driving us to explore the world. It is a force that propels us towards growth, pushing boundaries and challenging norms. Forbidden fruit is the allure that evokes curiosity, desire beckons us to embrace the unknown, to taste the sweetness of what lies beyond the limits we impose on ourselves. It holds within it the potential for both liberation and caution, a delicate balance between indulgence and restraint. The forbidden fruit reminds us that within the embrace of what's forbidden, often lies the spark of profound revelation and self-discovery.