Frost Flower

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Vibration ~

Just as the delicate frost flower shines bright in the winter cold, we too have the capacity to sparkle amidst our challenges. Amidst chaos, our inner light can guide us, providing resilience and warmth. It's a reminder that even in the coldest and most chaotic times, we possess the ability to illuminate our path and bring brightness to our surroundings, fostering hope and beauty in the face of life's challenges.

Inspriration ~

A frost flower is a delicate ice formation that emerges in the chaos of winter. These icy structures unfold in intricate patterns, resembling frozen petals. Glistening in the morning light, they decorate the icy landscape with their fleeting beauty, creating a transient display of winter artistry. These fragile formations bloom with the touch of dawn, leaving behind a momentary memory etched in the crystalline heart of winter.

This ring is adjustable and can accomodate sizes 4-9