Ophdian Bond

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A striking testament to the pull of opposites and the transformative power of love, this necklace features a 24-carat white gold plated serpent descending to meet its counterpart of luminous yellow gold, forming a union that defies convention.

Like a tale of forbidden attraction, the Ophidian Bond captures the essence of opposites drawn together, transcending boundaries by the sheer force of love. This masterpiece embodies a revolution of hearts, a symphony of contrasts merging into a harmonious whole. It stands as a visual manifestation of the boundless potential that love possesses – breaking chains, shattering limits, and rewriting the rules.

Wearing the Ophidian Bond is an invitation to step into a world where love defies expectations. As the necklace graces your neckline, you not only experience but radiate the vibrations of love, uniqueness, and boldness. This is a piece that carries a message of empowerment and connection, a reminder that love knows no boundaries and thrives in the realm of the extraordinary.


When it comes to love, its always the opposites that seem to be sharing the cab or the drink when it strikes. It's as if the universe conspires to weave a tale of love between the souls that cant agree on a movie, dinner, or country to book their honeymoon in. Just when it seems like love is dictated by a cruel god, one need only look a little deeper and they'll discover the truth. The quiet lover finds their adventure in the laughter of the outgoing, the adventurous heart discovers a safe haven in the embrace of the cautious, curiosity finds its balance in frame of conservatism while unabashedly pushing it to try new things. In the other's eyes, they glimpse a world unexplored, a universe of uncharted emotions waiting to be unraveled. The magic lies in how their differences intertwine, creating a symphony of passion and understanding that resonates deep within. Like the sun and moon, they illuminate each other's darkness, finding a profound connection in the most unexpected places.